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Each IRACAB accredited certification body informs IRACAB about each certificate in 14 days of issue or any change of certification. This keeps our register up to date and therefore any interested party may contact us to inquire about the status of respective certificates.

An easy way to recognise the certificates issued by the Certification Bodies under IRACAB accreditation is to check the following list of genuine marks. All certificates bear:

  • the Code of the certification body

     e.g.: 1-234-567-890

  • the information:

    validity of this certificate can be verified according to the instructions in the web site

  • the accreditation logo with the code of the certification body, e.g.


  •  number of certificate given by the certification body.


If you want to verify a certificate, please apply for a free verification via email at Please send us a copy of the certificate you want to verify or give us the following information:

  • Name of the certification body,

  • Code(s) of the certification body,

  • Number of the certificate,

  • Name and address(es) of the certified entity(ies),

  • Management system standard(s).


IRACAB shall inform you about the status of validity of the certificate.

If you want to verify the scope of the certification, please write us also the scope listed in the certificate so that we can confirm its correctness.

IRACAB only confirms the validity of certificates and correctness of the scope of certification. Due to protection of privacy IRACAB will not disclose any other private information.

Please, take into account that our information about the certifications may be 3 weeks old.