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IRACAB is a worldwide group of professionals and experts. It is the reason why IRACAB has established several characteristic policies that serve as a solid ground for its operation throughout the globe.

…the same rules world-wide

IRACAB gathers its members all around the earth and together with them IRACAB can reach the business in any state or country. Therefore we have created uniform rules that apply universally. As far as the IRACAB is an exclusive group of professionals and experts every applicant for accreditation needs to meet our high level requirements.


One of the IRACAB core values as well as its general policy is honesty. There is nobody in the world who desire to be deceived. Honesty is one of the key elements of the accreditation and certification world. Every issued certificate serves as a guarantee for the customers and traders that the product was created in compliance with specific standards. However, if customers recognise that the products are of poor quality, they would neither buy such products nor trust the certificates. We understand this principal value of the certification, therefore honesty is of the essence to us.


Companies approaching the IRACAB certification bodies in order to undergo the certification process expect the highest standards of professionalism. This includes the excellent knowledge of relevant industry as well as the professional behaviour of the auditors with no prejudice which is in compliance with the IRACAB Code of Ethics. In IRACAB, we believe that only persons with deep expertise are able to understand the problems, to assess the compliance with the certification standards and to remain impartial.


Another essential precondition for the certification value is the trustworthiness. This policy applies both towards the certification bodies with IRACAB accreditation as well as towards the IRACAB brand.

Certification is not a stand-alone trade. It is more like a relationship in which the certification bodies evaluate the harmony of the production with the international standards. Moreover they supervise the compliance with these standards throughout the validity of the certificate. We want the management of the certified entities to trust the external auditors that they perform their duties correctly and independently.

As for the IRACAB brand every IRACAB accredited entity is responsible for the value of the IRACAB certificates. We do our best to select only applicants who meet our high level standards. We control the compliance with these standards on a regular basis. However, each IRACAB accredited entity is responsible for the goodwill of the IRACAB group. This goodwill is essential for us in order to maintain the trust of the customers and the traders in the IRACAB certificates worldwide.

 …easy-to-understand accreditation and certification processes

IRACAB is interested in simplicity. Therefore the whole process of the accreditation and certification is designed to be elementary. We in IRACAB believe in a practical approach to the accredited and certified entities, their needs and their businesses respecting economic benefits of all interested parties.

…document friendly approach

IRACAB has designed the accreditation and certification scheme that reduces the bureaucratic burden to the minimum level while emphasizing the professionalism, trustworthiness, independence and honesty.