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Certification organizations may only use the auditors and experts that meet IRACAB Competence Criteria for Auditors and Experts during for performing audits at the place of business of the company to be certified.

Accreditation / Reaccreditation process

Accreditation/reaccreditation is a voluntary affiliation of a certification body to IRACAB based on the application of the certification body. The steps to getting affiliated /accredited and conditions of keeping the affiliation /accreditation are described in the following diagram:

Accreditation process

Following steps are repeated annually during the 5-year period of the accreditation that begins by issuing the accreditation documents.

During the accreditation period

Every applicant may appeal against the IRACAB decisions according the conditions for Claims, complaints and appeals against IRACAB.

Any amendment of the accreditation scope is performed by the same process as the accreditation process. However, the end date of validity of the amended accreditation documents remains the same as that of the original accreditation documents.