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To compare with the „ordinary“ accreditation system IRACAB provide a simple and cost friendly system that brings significant reduction in prices of the certificates issued for the final customers and at the end enhance the competitiveness of the IRACAB members in the market. What is more, IRACAB is the first in the world to introduce the “Biaccreditation system”.

IRACAB brings an easy-to-understand accreditation and certification processes with a practical approach to the accredited and certified entities, their needs and their businesses respecting economic benefits of all interested parties. The whole scheme is designed to reduce the bureaucratic burden to a minimum. We are not interested in overloading our members with high administrative and financial requirements. Nevertheless, in the process of the creation of IRACAB system we were uncompromising in the requirements of the professionalism, trustworthiness, independence and honesty which are IRACAB core values.