Iracab Logo

Professionalism & trustworthiness

IRACAB confers on the accreditation applicants high qualification, education and practice requirements. Therefore, IRACAB represents an exclusive association of the certification bodies and the auditors that undergone our rigorous testing and meet the high professional and moral standards set out in the Terms and Conditions of IRACAB Accreditation. These standards need to be met with no exception towards any IRACAB employee or IRACAB accredited entity.

Independence & honesty

IRACAB aims to provide the public, customers and traders with appropriate assurance that the IRACAB certified producers and traders operate in accordance with the specified standards. This goal can be achieved only via honest and independent audits. We in IRACAB understand the value of the certificate for the customer. Therefore, we accredit only high professional and independent experts. This is the only guarantee that the issued certificate is not just a piece of paper.